Warranty on Antique, Vintage & Reproduction Furniture Items Only.

For all other products please see our Refund Policy

We source our collection with great care only from our trusted suppliers in Northern China. All our pieces are inspected by an independent expert with 30 years experience in Chinese furniture and antiques to determine the age and origin. Age and origin are detailed on the price tag and on your receipt. They are correct to the best of our knowledge. A certificate of origin can be requested. 

As is normal with handcrafted and/or antique items, variations and imperfections may exist – this is part of the beauty of handmade furniture. They are not faults. Our furniture items are largely made with solid wood (usually Pine, Elm & Poplar) using traditional Chinese carpentry techniques and have been made to last a lifetime and more. In the last 20 years of business we have never had a claim related to the structural integrity of any our furniture items nor have we known a piece of furniture to be damaged from the natural shifting of solid wood. 

As the owner you have a responsibility to care of your handcrafted furniture items - these northern Chinese pieces are special and are becoming harder and harder to source. 

Our warranty covers the structural integrity of all furniture items when used normally in your home for a period of 2 years and for the period they are in Singapore and can be readily be inspected by us. Our furniture items are for indoor use only unless otherwise stated. 



From time to time, customers ask us to drill a hole for cables or to add a shelf, strengthen a shelf support or to move a shelf. These works will be carried out by our preferred expert restorer and carpenter to as close to your specifications as possible. These works are warrantied for the period of warranty remaining on the item and claims are limited to the cost of repair by our preferred carpenter only. 

In most instances there is no issue with making such modifications as listed above. However in some rare instances our expert may determine a possible future issue with making a modification. In this instance the issues will be discussed with you. If you choose to go ahead with the modification against advice then the warranty will no longer apply. Any other modifications, including changes to the colour and finish, is not our responsibility and you would need to work with our carpenter (or another carpenter of your choice directly). Once such a modification is made then the warranty no longer applies.


Movement of solid wood

Different climates around the world and within your home will affect solid wood in different ways. However thanks to the use of northern Chinese wood (which is subjected to all climates – hot, cold, dry and humid) combined with Chinese traditional carpentry it is highly unlikely that you will experience warping, splitting or changes in colour. In some cases the natural oils from the knots in solid wood can seep causing some slight changes in colour. We do not offer a warranty on the natural shifting of natural seeping of oils from solid wood. Do not place your solid wood furniture directly underneath aircon or close to a heat source. 


Mould growth

In some rare instances, the micro-climate within your home can also cause mould growth. If you experience mould within one month of delivery to your home our restorer will come to clean your cabinet. After this you are responsible for guarding against any re-/occurrence which may require you to move the item to another part of your home. If you are going to be away from home for an extended period of time we recommend using the dry setting on your A/C.


Normal everyday use & wear and tear

Our pieces are sold to be used but care should be taken when opening and closing doors and drawers or when placing or storing excessively heavy items. Please read our Caring for your furniture page for more information.  We offer no warranty on every day wear and tear.


Moving home

When moving home and/or country, your furniture should be carefully wrapped by professional packers and movers, ensuring the corners and legs are well protected. The item should be wrapped with paper before being bubble wrapped (or using other cushioning materials) and carefully unpacked so as to ensure no damage to the body or finish. For items with intricate carved sections or with wing tops we highly recommend crating. Your furniture should not be left for long periods of time wrapped in plastic as heat and moisture can build up which can cause damage to the finish. We do not take responsibility for any lack of care or for damage caused by your packers or movers.



Due to the cooler, dryer climate of northern China, insects are a rare occurrence. However, as part of our sourcing process we fumigate all of our products to make sure the wood is free of insects. However this process is not fool-proof and in some rare circumstances insects can re-occur within a few months from fumigation. This is the risk with any wood or wood furniture in your home. In tropical climates especially, wood can attract insects, so it’s important to give your furniture appropriate care and attention. To avoid disagreement, any insects occurring within the first 6 months from purchase will be treated free of charge upon inspection by our expert restorer and carpenter. Or you can opt to return the item for credit exchange or a full refund. Any problems related to insects re-/occurring after 6 months from purchase is not subject to warranty. 


If you have an issue or warranty claim please call or WhatsApp 9011 0380. You can also email us at theshop@emperorsattic.com . Please provide images. If an inspection is required to determine the nature of the issue we will send out our preferred expert restorer and carpenter.


All claims are subject to the discretion of Emperor’s Attic – we will determine the options available which may include repair, exchange, credit or refund. In the case of repair the warranty covers the cost of all parts and labour.

The warranty only applies to original retail purchaser with proof of purchase whilst the item is in Singapore. It does not apply to items once re-sold or if items are used for business or commercial use.

We may refuse a claim if the defect or damage is caused by use other than its intended use, or improper care of the product. The warranty does not apply to sale/discounted items which are sold as seen. It only applies to Emperor's Attic items and does not apply to any Third Party Brands that we sell on consignment. 

This wording was last updated on 2nd November 2020. Emperor’s Attic reserves the right to make changes to this warranty wording in accordance with the warranty offered by our suppliers.