Mishell Leong

Mishell Leong


Mishell Leong grew up in a small town in Malaysia in a relatively traditional and conservative Asian family, trained as an accountant in the UK, and returned to Singapore after 15 years with her husband and young family. 

During this time of change, Mishell kept experiencing a dream with red poppies, set in a background of a fiery red and yellow sunset. On a friend’s suggestion, she brought this vision to life through art. Having not painted since her schooldays, she nervously accepted the challenge and went to an art cafe; a hidden passion was unleashed. And she has never looked back.

Mishell is a self-taught artist who loves using bold, vibrant colours to communicate her inspirations and messages. Being untrained, she has the ability to approach her work unconstrained, with an open mind and a fresh perspective.

Mishell's limited edition prints sold at Emperor's Attic are lithographs of original works and showcase her signature layers of bold, luscious, vibrance.  Each lithograph is printed on professional-grade fine art paper made from 100% textured cotton rag. 

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